Czarina forex ayala hotline

Where can we find the best foreign exchange rates for our dollars, pounds, yens, riyals, etc? Edzen Money Changer, 1151 Mabini St. But most of the time, their rates are higher than those of SM or BDO. The czarina forex ayala hotline advantage of SM foreign exchange counters and BDO branches inside SM malls is their location.

You’re protected by the mall, although you can’t be protected from sophisticated snatchers. SM and BDO counters, however, are more strict in examining the bills. They want bills in almost perfect conditions. You also have to write the serial numbers of your foreign exchange bills on their slips. There are other money changers or foreign exchange dealers that also give high exchange rates, but they’re only one branch, so they’re known only in their areas. I bet if you’re receiving foreign remittances monthly, you already know which money changer in your area gives the best exchange rate. My sis-in-law knows which gives the best rate in the Mabini area because she lives near there.

You’re safer as you walk several steps from the money changer to the bank to deposit your money. Several branches of Czarina and Sanry’s locations are listed below. Both Czarina and Sanry’s are Western Union agents. Unit 103, Ground Floor, Liberty Center Building 104 H.