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Off on hols for a fortnight then some serious work on my golf handicap. Hopefully I can keep boredom at bay this time and exercise the grey cells finding new and exciting ways to spend my Bushy profits. Maybe a “pear” of fruit loops? I agree that a ratio of 37 in favour to 1 against is really not good enough for Bushveld Minerals.

It should be 38 to 0 – trouble is there is always one rogue apple that gets in and tries to spoil the barrel, would you not agree. How likely are you to invest in Bushveld Minerals after Fortune Mojapelo’s presentation at Junior Indaba in Johannesburg? Reminds me of Leslie Crowther The Price is Right. Thought they were better than this. YTSS it’s is just my opinion but if you have stumbled upon BMN with minimal research you have struck lucky. This bb, RNSs and TBP should provide you with all the info you need. However as to whether or not to put more money in that has to be entirely up to you.

If you are still in profit after you initial investments then think yourself lucky! As for the future – well in my opinion it is very exciting. Make of that what you will. Personally I can’t think of a better AIM investment. All the above just my opinion.

Yes i agree, my knowledge is limited on Bush, my initial investment which im sure is tiny compared to some on here was based on TBP and all the knowlege of LTHs on this site. You cant read about it in a book etc and from LTHs point of view, if you are one, it must surely be good to get the word out about Bush and get more PIs like me involved. YTSS what made you invest money in this company? Setup a personalised Watchlist and Virtual Portfolio. View more Trades, Directors’ Deals, and Broker Ratings. Datafeed and UK data supplied by NBTrader and Digital Look.