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First and foremost,to define an Organisation,it is the framework or system through which Administration’s objectives and guidelines are implemented and executed to achievement by the management. It facilitates the proper utilisation of men,material and money for the achievement of goals. Family is a primary unit of organisation where the family members work together to achieve the objective of the family that is well being and safety,etc. Similarly,in a business or governmental organisations,all departments and ministries and offices and employees work together as per the rules and regulations of the organisation in tandem to achieve the organisational goals and objectives and in the process their goals and objectives as well. Organisation was first developed for physics in the structure of a molecule where it was found that atoms of an element joined together in a systematic manner or like a system to build a molecule of that element. It then later was found suitable to and extended to political science,public administration,management,etc as a modern approach to understanding administration and similar organisations. A system is a set of interconnected elements that function together in tandem to make up the whole being.