Forex lines

At the top of the GBPUSD chart you can alter settings using the menu. Switch timeframes, forex lines views like candlestick, bars and line and drawing tools such as trend lines and fibonacci retracements.

Zoom in using plus and minus or detach from page for full screen viewing of GBPUSD. We also have another range of Forex Charts found here. The US Dollar pitched against the British Pound as GBPUSD is fondly known as cable. This name originates from years back when a communications cable was laid under the atlantic ocean for fast telecommuncation between the Unitied Kingdom and United States. The GBP USD rate is one of the most widely followed foreign exchange pairs.

United States, and of course for forex trading! This live forex chart for GBPUSD currency pair updates in real time throughout the trading week. This is an exact market rate, and is the price you will bequoted at most brokers if you are trading. It may, however, be different due to spreads that brokers add.

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