Forex overdrive review

I just saw it pop up on forexpeacearmy but haven’t heard much about it – any good? Meanwhile, you may return to dashboard or try using the search form. Trading FX or Forex overdrive review on leverage is high risk and your losses could exceed deposits.

We are committed to the fair handling of reviews and posts regardless of such relations. All rights reserved under US and international law. Othere website of this company includes FXFlash. Let other traders know if this service is worth checking or should be avoided. I have and love this EA. It crashed in the Lehman shock, but it is stable thereafter. EA other was also messed up with all that time.

Hello everyone, I have purchased overdrive with no sucess do not buy company is not in business anymore they do not respond to emails. My experience with this EA is mixed. It wins a lot of small trades and then loses it all and some when it gets it wrong. Since April 2010 the account balance is just over half the sum of money I funded my account with for this EA. Since I use to be a person searching for information, I guess I can contribute this way.

I’ve personally owned the software for 2 months so far. It has performed in terms of making a lot of winning trade, but they’re mostly 5-25 pip trades. I can’t say if this EA will ever do that, but you can’t beat consistent winners either. This has performed to my satisfaction so I will keep this EA and hope my broker supports MT4 for a long time. In terms of software satisfaction, I give 4 stars, but the fact their support staff does answer emails within a day, I gotta give them 5. Hi guys:, well I’ve been trading live for a few days and its not performing good at all, major losses so far, I’ve been using the setting according to to instructions.

My brother also been trading live and he is dooing much better , mostly wins good for him. His ononly traded on short positions and we have the same pairs going, same set up. Can anyone help me understand this. I have been trading since March 2010 and I still don,t know the real ins and outs of the Forex market, but I do know a good tool when I see one. I have since March, purchased quite a few EAs, most of which I have had a refund for. A couple I purchased, I now wish I had had a refund for!