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Apply to make a Killing in Forex Trading The journey to become profitable in Forex trading secrets ebook torrents Trading can be long and painful. The truth is, there’s no turnkey solution to transforming your fortunes in the Forex trading market. Does it mean you can’t succeed?

Forex that you need to invest in to be a master of this money market. We’re talking about the investments of hard work, determined and continued learning, and dedicated tracking of industry and market trends. This is where the followers get left behind, and the leaders come to the fore. This guide is the beginning of your change of fortunes, the perfect foil for your determined efforts to making 2016 a booming year for your trading adventures. Here are five secrets you should consider if you are thinking to improve your trading in the coming 2016. These are the most important pillars of every successful trader.

Establish Trading Journal Trading Journal is a crucial tool for every serious Forex Trader. However, you’ll seldom find a successful forex trader who doesn’t leverage a good old trading journal for intelligent trading moves. For starters, a trading journal gives a historical perspective to your trading activity, helping you summarize the trade. Important information such as the currency pairs that work best for you, the frequency with which you traded in a past period, per trade success, and time frames that yielded best profit percentages, can be accessed anytime from a trading journal. A trade journal also lets you record your personal goals and expectations from every trade in the form of notes and comments. This helps you control and plan each trade exceptionally well, and in a result-centric manner.

Plus, over a period of time, your trade journal will capture enough data to help you work out and verify your methodologies of trading. All these benefits significantly improve your chances of faring well with forex trading. Trading Journal might not be time consuming or hard work at all. Establish Trading Plan and Stress-Test It Simply put, your trading plan is your Bible, the rule book governing your trading decisions.

Specify your entry and exit criteria and your money management goals in your trading plan, and stick to it religiously, of course, the assumption is that your trading plan is made after thorough deliberation and testing. Technologies like simulation tools help you put your trading plan to the test without risking any real money. If the results are good, you can implement the same in real world scenarios. Also, simulation tools help you stress test your trading plan, by emulating market conditions similar to financial crises.