Forex vs nyse

This article is now exclusive for PRO subscribers. Rayovac with a short-term gain for further watching. The gap between Forex vs nyse and Duracell has closed from 17. 2 share points in January 2016 to 11.

6 share points for the period ending March 25, 2017. The alkaline battery market is forecasted to be stable going forward vs. The expected improvements in Energizer vs. We continue to track the trade-off between Energizer and Duracell in shares. Within Nielsen outlets, the shift in the gap between Energizer and Duracell has moved 5.

6 share points in Energizer’s favor, from 17. 2 for the four weeks ended Jan. 6 for the latest four weeks ended March 25, 2017. Christmas season and beyond, with Energizer and Rayovac roughly comparable and both somewhat better than Duracell. I do not see any specific causative to account for the short-term gain this period from Rayovac and treat it as an anomaly or unloading of excess retail inventory for now.

This sets the stage for restoration of the historic relationship between these two major battery brands. The historic 11-point gap that we saw back in 2013 should be sustainable before any over-reaction from Duracell, so look for a bit more improvement from the current 11. Energizer has spoken about keeping the fight for distribution and space rational and profitable. If they execute on that philosophy and don’t get too greedy, they should be fine.

Here you can see the progress for the full year 2016. Just a bit more on the share. From the graph, you can readily see the Energizer gains, but note that share was coming at the expense of both Duracell and Rayovac. We see the one period blip for Rayovac for the latest period which will be bear monitoring. Pricing continues to be extraordinarily stable with minimal year-over-year price change in the last year. March after the February of -3. These Nielsen outlet trends are probably still softer than the totals, where the impacts of faster online growth vs.