Hither mann the only way is forex profitable

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Fronted by a women called Hither Mann who will teach how to trade like a professional! They are using typical scam marketing techniques. A trader friend of mine has been to the one day seminar in London a couple of weeks ago. They are supposedly offering an opportunity to trade in her hedge fund which does not exist obviously after you have paid the money above!

She is part of Wealth Dragons team of her, Jon Lee and Vincent Wong. If anyone of you have any experience of this company, please let me know. I was hoping to obtain some information from you regarding the course you attended hosted by Hither Mann. Binary Options consultancy providing entry level tips and teaching sessions. Would you consider Hither Mann to be dishonest or someone I should avoid? FX mentors are after your money. This is a complete and utter scam.

I have met Hither and yes she is very flirtacious etc, but if you get past the boob job, fake lips and nose job, she is a liar! She acts as if she is a big time trader, but when asked to do a live demo, she wont play with her own money! A compelete con, a complete lie and she and her team need to be shut down! All these FX Mentors are simply after your money, thats ALL. Do not be under any illusion. STAY AWAY FROM HITHER MANN – CON LADY.

I love your post, although I do not understand why you call this a scam. Please add some substance to your claims because at the minute you sound just like a bitter competitor . Looking forward to hearing from you! There has never been this request made hence we know you haven’t attended the seminars. We record all the events and you definitely have not attended or even asked that question. Well, first of all she lied about how she got her strategies and how mysterious is the banker from Mayfair that looks like the guy from the series Suits who taught her those strategies while she was drunk lol Now, she says that she learned them from Wall street bankers in New York Anyways.

Thank you for your post, made a great read lol. I don’t understand where that came from, I talk about the trader I learnt from at the events, may you should re-attend and clean up your notes. Btw he does look like the guy from Suits! Nothing to lie from in that story, I’m sure he would be very happy to hear that ha ha. A little chinese whispers going on here, I spoke of him testing my trading knowledge while I was ‘tipsy’ and I passed with flying colours.

That was a very ‘tongue-in-cheek’ story. Huge apologies for not enjoying my story which I though would make for good listening but clearly didn’t. Wall street bankers – I have traders I know internationally. I think you have your lines crossed here that is all. If anyone is transparent about the broker-relationship in the education industry, I would happily hold my hand high. The model you are speaking off is typical for the educators that don’t want their students to perform. Once you watch that video you will see how your statement is made in a rather brash manner.

Hope this was useful, ,of course if you have any other queries let me know. Hi MT, I hope you’re well. I never stop learning and Trading is the business that saved me from the darkness. So, I have all the reasons of the world to never stop to improve and to earn properly.

I still remember when I was a newbie. 10-30 pips in profit much as in loss gave me worries. There was still a long way to go and I did not know anything about Trading yet. Hence, I studied continually and with determination, until exhaustion. I did not know what was the most Profitable Forex Strategy, that was really going to work for me. But things change and with time and dedication I built my future. The direct result was those to become a Trading Mentor for the students of Profiting.

But of course, I realized that everything easily available was usefulness. This is because any thing available for newbies gives only some details that are not relevant to make money properly. They don’t show where the money are and they don’t explain how to get a part of that money. The rewards that I get with my trades are not the profit of single investments by trades. My rewards are the result of several years lived by sufferance, sacrifice and hard work. Every profit I earn is a Paycheck for all those years of dedication.

When I found my Multimillionaire Trading Mentors, I realized that I had a concrete chance to become a Great Trader. The real problem that every trader experiences is the lack of the right mindset and attitude. The money comes changing our mind. Stop to focus on thoughts that are usefulness, but look for the money.