How to use center of gravity forex indicator

When the price has moved below the BOTTOM GREEN line of the Center of Gravity indicator and the bar has CLOSED, you should become alert and wait arrow blue of MA OC. Wait for the price to move how to use center of gravity forex indicator the TOP GREEN line of the Center of Gravity indicator and the bar to CLOSE.

You can use a fixed stoploss or a trailing stop, You can also move the stops manually each and every time a new support or resistance level develops. You can keep it 1:2 for example, if you are using a stoploss of 25, you can put a takeprofit of 50. You can also use no takeprofit levels at all and let the trades run closing them when you have an opposite trade signal, this will bring you some more pips. You can use for Profit Target the middle band of Center of Gravity. We can simply analyze the trend and get the exact entry to trade by looking this picture. But in reality it will not work.

Trust me it will REPAINT . Bottom and Top lines will stretch out. Hi Ronald, does this indicator repaint ? Because the original COG from Benkyalate does repaint, which makes it impossible to verify if passed prices crossed the upper and lower lines. Hi, Please tell how to use this in meta trader, I am unable to understand how to bring this on meta trader chart.

Who’s online There are currently 8 users online. Submitted by User on February 27, 2009 – 18:35. Alright first of all, I just want to say the indicators that i’m going to post and show are not mine so i take no credit for them. The center of gravity indicator was created by Oan.

The idea is based on Mostafa Belkhayate’s system. Also the sweet spots indicator was taken from “Patrick Bourgeois” with his submission of “Trading by Psychological Levels”. 2nd level it hits once again. Some times the market will not hit the target exactly so just to be safe put your take profit a few pips above it. Friday’s and try to hold your self from trading NFP week.