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THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: My wife wanted a bigger kitchen, so I sold shares at the worst moment possible! Victims say they never gave away personal details, so Have crooks got hold of TSB account passwords? I’ve had an offer on my dream home accepted but I’investors underground forex having trouble selling my flat – what can I do to stop the deal falling through? Will installing cavity wall insulation devalue my home?

I’m looking at building a benefits package for my workers: What should I focus on, and will it really make a difference for attracting talent? Euros on the Tube: New cash machines in 70 London Underground stations will dispense single currency as well pounds By Adrian Lowery for Thisismoney. Travellers will soon find they can’t buy a ticket from a manned ticket office on the London Underground – but they will be able to get some foreign currency. Cash machines that dispense both sterling and euros have been installed in 70 Tube stations thanks to a deal between Raphaels Bank and Transport for London. Passengers can now withdraw the single currency at major interchanges such as Waterloo, London Bridge, Victoria and King’s Cross-St Pancras, with Raphaels expecting demand from time-strapped travellers on their way to airports and the Eurostar. Ticket offices may be closing on the London Underground – but at least you can get euros now.

But will it prove a cheap way for Brits to buy their holiday cash? 205: marginally better than the 1. S but less than the 1. 23 available on pre-ordered services at Tesco, Debenhams and Sainsburys.