Jutawan forex 2013 movies

A year ago we put together a top 10 trading movies list, but decided we left off some lesser known gems. Therefore, jutawan forex 2013 movies 2013 list has been expanded to 15 movies.

These movies are a combination of documentaries, docudramas and fiction, but all have a strong tie to trading or events that affected the markets significantly. Although we have taken reader comments into consideration, there probably are others that we’ve missed. Please put your suggestions in the comments section below. Is the gold rally running out of steam? If you enjoy movies, TV shows and documentaries about traders and trading, here’s an extensive list to watch. The list is categorized into movies, documentaries, TV shows and “Others. Some based more on facts and real events than others.

The story of the Nick Leeson, the trader who brought down Barings Bank by hiding trading losses. The story of an eager young broker who convinces a mogul corporate raider to mentor himwith problematic results. The once-mogul now must find his way back to the top of the finance world after being imprisoned for insider trading. A “chop shop,” where brokers sell fake or worthless stock to an unsuspecting public and make fortunes doing it. The mostly true story of Jordan Belfort, who began as a penny stock salesman on his way to creating a massive brokerage firmwhich was funded by defrauding investors. When massive risk is discovered that could bring down an investment bank, the firm takes action to hopefully avoid catastrophe. A man with no prospects gets a job as an intern stockbroker, and it changes his life for the better.

A man goes a little crazy trying to predict patterns in the stock market. A comedic look at trading, and how a ‘nobody’ can rise in the ranks of finance. The wheeling and dealing lifestyle of the people on a London trading floor. A mathematician at a “greed is good” bank devises a way to predict stock moves.

A documentary about the 1987 stock market crash, from the perspective of the traders who were there, and the traders who stepped in to buy when literally no one else would. The life of traders in the dwindling Chicago trading pits. Focusing on the traders of NYBOT. Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature focusing on the 2008 financial crisis. This documentary follows three currency traders from New York, London, and Hong Kong. The crash of the British pound sterling in 1992. The rise and fall of Enron, and the management and traders who caused it.

The history of money and financial markets. Examines how the quest for corporate profits overshadows doing what is right. The rise and fall of LTCM, a firm that bet on a financial equation to bring them riches. Docudrama on the events that transpired in the final days before Lehman failed. A documentary about Paul Tudor Jones, founder of Tudor Investment Corporation. The documentary is out there, but hard to find. Explores why economists failed to predict the 2008 financial crisis.

A look into the financial giant and its corporate culture. Docudrama on the 2008 financial crisis and fall of Lehman Brothers. The men and woman crunching the numbers for financial and trading algorithms. How various people have made their fortunes. How one woman tried to sound the warning bell before the financial crisis hit, but no one listened.