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Do you want to be and feel the best you can? Do you want to enjoy being alive as much as possible? It is the way you maximize your enjoyment of being alive. After all, what good is money or success without being fit and healthy? How do you become a fit trader?

It’s like how you become physically fit: doing the hard work, being dedicated, being patient and most of all, being motivated. Getting in good physical shape is going to knock you outside of your comfort zone. But, the long-term payoff is HUGE. Getting in good trading shape is also going to knock you outside of your comfort zone, but the payoff here is also HUGE. Do you want the good life as a trader? Do you want the good life in general? Then you got to get fit and stay fit, and to do that you must adapt, you must evolve in both trading and life.

It’s not enough to just know a lot of things if you don’t take MASSIVE ACTION and CHANGE what you’re doing. Our main interest in this term is how it can be applied to economics, finance and more specifically, trading. If you want to survive as a trader, you’ve got to do many things right, consistently right. The weak-minded and those with an inability to stay dedicated, disciplined, consistent and motivated, simply do not make it. You don’t want to be them. Louisiana State University business professor, Leon C. However, just surviving is not enough, after all, we want to thrive as traders, right?

The first step is to learn to survive, to stop hemorrhaging money every year and start keeping your head above water, so to speak. To do this, you must change. You cannot keep doing what you’ve been doing if that hasn’t been working for you. So, how do you become the fittest trader you can be, so you can not just survive but thrive? If you want to survive, preserve your capital.