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39, set on May 12, 2017. Three-A 1Q net profit increases 54. ADDENDAM TO THE 2014 ANNUAL REPORT. Money Market Investment In Singapore Posted on singaporetradingonline.

The money market fund is a unique type of fund that is able to generate profits in a volatile environment. Since it provides excellent security and assured profitability, money market funds are often a favourite choice for many investors. Examples of money market instruments are savings, government loans, policy-oriented financial loans, central bank notes, bond buy backs, and corporate bonds. Wondering what the advantages of money market investment are? As we have already mentioned, money market investment is a very secure type of investment. It is preferred by investors who are averse to risk, since they do not need to worry about losing their principal investment.

Another advantage of money market investment is the liquidity that it offers. With money market funds, you have the option of convenient withdrawal of money whenever you need, as a current deposit. This is an option that most other investments do not offer. Those who invest in the money market are guaranteed profits. This is fuelled by that fact that they will not lose their principal investment.

This serves to increase their potential profit margin. Here is an illustration to demonstrate just how money market investment works. Let us take, for example, an investor who has bought 100,000 Singapore dollars of money funds. Now, we will assume that there is a 35 per cent monthly rate of return.