Masa yang tepat untuk trading forex

Selamat menyambut hari raya aidil fitri. Tempat : Tingkat masa yang tepat untuk trading forex, Menara KIP, Jln Kucing, K.

I normally start with this module that takes about 3 hrs. 24 hrs a day as claimed by many people. SEA region, when will be the best time to actually start looking at the market and when it is appropriate to eventually enter the market. I will be detailing why do we need to study Trends,how to properly draw them, indentify where about within the trend should we be aware of to start getting ready,the upper band,the lower band,the middle band, the overbought area,the oversold area,the buying area and the selling area. This may takes approximately 6 hrs. The reason why we should choose candlesticks in combination with the trends and trend lines can actually make a lot of difference in my trading techniques.