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Following last year’s acquisition of City Index, GAIN Capital has consolidated its retail brand, FOREX. If you are a former client of Gain Capital Forex. Client Management oz forex au 1800 354 182 to request that the funds be returned to you.

Please note that foreign exchange and CFD trading involves significant risk of loss. Strength and Security Trade with a market leader who has strong financial resources and over 15 years’ experience serving 200,000 clients globally. Exclusive research Benefit from the experience and insights of our global research team with real-time market analysis and actionable trade ideas. All customer funds, including your unrealised profits, are fully segregated from our own assets and held with top-tier global banks. We never use client funds for hedging. Our services include products that are traded on margin and carry a risk that you can lose more than your initial deposit.

The products may not be suitable for everyone – please ensure you fully understand the risks involved. Our high-technology dealing platform and dedicated FX dealers offer a tailored and proactive service. Whether it’s your geographical location, lack of time, having to leave home or office only to have to wait in queues. Get free charts, news and commentary. Check our supported currencies list for the currency you need.

Thousands of websites are already doing it. IMPORTANT: The following terms and conditions apply to individuals who are transacting privately, as a sole proprietor of a business, as a trustee of a trust or as a partner of a partnership. If you are representing a company, you will need to enter into a Corporate Client Agreement. You should not indicate your agreement to these terms and conditions until you have read them fully, are satisfied that you understand them and are happy with what they say.

2       Ownership of Funds – You must be the owner of the money you are intending to transfer. 3       Appointment of Agent – If you would like us to receive instructions from somebody else acting on your behalf, you must sign an Agent Appointment Form. 4       Structure of this Agreement – This Agreement is a master agreement which applies to all Transactions you subsequently enter into with us. 1       Foreign Exchange Services – We hold an Australian Financial Services Licence authorising us to provide foreign exchange products and services. You should read the PDS before entering into this agreement, so that you understand exactly how our service operates. 2       No Margin or Speculative Trading – We do not offer any form of margin or speculative trading facilities.

When you enter into a Transaction, you must deliver to us the full amount of the funds you are transferring on or before the Delivery Date. 3       No Exchange Rate Set-Off – We will not agree to enter into any kind of set-off arrangement that would allow you to pay us only the amount of any loss that might be realised on settlement of the Transaction, or us to pay you any profit, as the result of exchange rate movements. 4       No Financial Advice – We will not take into account your specific financial circumstances or needs when we enter into a Transaction with you. To the extent that we provide you with any advice, it will relate only to the mechanics of the transaction you are proposing to enter into or to publicly available information. You must obtain your own financial advice and make your own assessment as to whether our service is appropriate for your particular requirements. 1       Username and Password – We will issue you with a username and password that will enable you to provide us with Instructions either online, by telephone or by email. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your username and password.