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Berikut ini, terdapat sebuah contoh cerita dalam bahasa Inggris, yang berisi pengalaman tidak terlupakan ketika cara cepat belajar forex bagi pemula sekolah. That was my first day at senior high school. Pengalaman belajar forex online studied at Pelita Bangsa senior high school.

That was the first flag ceremony in that school year. I felt so nervous because I would face orientation program for several days ahead. Some new students came late so that they would get punishment before they could enter the gate. After the flag ceremony, I immediately went to the classroom. I saw the awkward atmosphere of the classroom. I didn’t know anyone of them. It seemed that no one was my schoolmate in Junior High School.

I chose to sit in the front side. Then, someone came and sat beside me. She was more talkative than me. She helped me to melt the situation. I was enjoying my conversation with Putri when suddenly my seniors came to the classroom. They appointed me to come in front of the classroom and asked me to introduce myself. I stood up and started to introduce myself.