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Please enter a different search text and try again. Dr Mahathir plans to develop saham forex malaysia today in Singapore Strait save malaysia! Penubuhan Tabung Harapan Malaysia save malaysia!

Trade this stock for as low as 0. Ornapaper through its wholly-owned subsidiaries manufactures and supplies corrugated boards and carton boxes. Gohkimhock is an investor that consistently making profit yearly. Some people made it to number 1 then losing money in following years which is pointless. His record for me as good as OTB. RM108 mil market cap only, so small.

Orna has all the rights to get a chunk of the pie. GG_Liang – Do you know how to check out Gohkimock picks? Dylan, you can check it out here. Good to see ORNA back to 1. Master announced good resultshopefully good results as well for Muda and Orna.

This stock consider very stable already. It may turnout that downstream has much faster margin expansion than usptream. May turnout to be the dark horse of 2018. ORNA could be the safest bet. The Group is exposed to foreign currency risk primarily through sales and purchases of raw materials, i. USD, SGD and EURO, as a result of strengthening of USD, SGD and EURO against RM.

The Group does not practice any active hedging of foreign currency due to unpredictable fluctuation of foreign currency. In order to reduce the impact of foreign currency on the cost of paper packaging and paper based stationery products produced, the Group reduced its dependency on import of paper rolls from overseas by substituting the consumption requirements through local sources. However, it will still be depending on the availability of paper supply in Malaysia and overseas as a result of the global paper shortage encountered. Besides, the improved revenue in the current financial year was also partly contributed by the increased sales volume in 2017 secured from the new and existing customers albeit the weak business climate, resulting from the Group’s strategy not to overly dependent on one industry but diversifying its customer base to wide spectrum of industries to counter the seasonal and cyclical pattern of a particular industry.

The increase in net sales volume from 2016 to 2017 by approximately 7. Cost of goods sold recorded an increase by approximately RM 45. 122 million for 2016 to RM 270. 063 million for 2017, mainly contributed by the upsurge in paper costs in consequence of the paper shortage with increasing demand, as well as higher consumption of raw materials, labours and direct overheads expenses incurred in 2017 to accommodate the increase in sales volume during the year. 2017 compared to 2016, principally due to the improved plants’ capacity utilisation and efficiency to drive down unit manufacturing cost as well as continuous cost pass-through exercises by the Sales and Marketing Department of respective operating subsidiaries. Waiting for you to say give up hope, look for stock with better short term prospect.

So do you have any better recommendations? Luckily I sold for contra gain. 00, expecting to fluctuate at 1. Dr Mahathir plans to develop island in Singapore Strait save malaysia! Penubuhan Tabung Harapan Malaysia save malaysia! Subscribe to Our Newsletter We know you love savings. We are here to help you.

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