Speculative sentiment index mt4 forex

The Market Sentiment indicator evaluates the speculative sentiment index mt4 forex sentiment using raw price action measurements, and it is an amazing trading confirmation. It can be used to take a trend-trade approach or a contrarian approach using reversal patterns.

The overall attitude of market participants towards the instrument is portrated using a colored oscillator. Enhance your trading activity with the best Market Sentiment indicator, just like our customers have already done. No, the indicator does not repaint. There are only two input parameters, fast and slow moving average. Avoid spam, offensive remarks, self-promotion and posting personal or payment information.

The comment section is for discussion and questions only. Please note that we’ll never solicit payments in the comments section. Please enable javascript to view comments. Oscillator Smooth and responsive accelerometer which reveals the market trend and detects divergences automatically. Volatmeter A multi-timeframe indicator designed to identify flat markets, price spikes and cycles in market movement.

Flat Market Index This indicator calculates how much has a symbol moved in relative terms to find trending or flat markets. Protection: All original content on Pointzero-trading. Reproduction or re-publication of this content is prohibited without permission. If the majority of traders are long, a contrarian indicator bias is short and will favour a position that is opposite to the crowd. The SSI indicator shows whether overall orders are net long or short and by how much positioning is skewed to one side of the market. If there are more orders long than short, the ratio is positive and the bias is to sell.

0, this means that there are 2 orders long for every short. If the number is negative, then there are more short orders than long and the bias is to buy. 5, this means that there are 1. 5 orders short for every long.