Strategi forex profit konsisten

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Banyak teknik forex yang gratis maupun yang berbayar, dengan bantuan indikator maupun EA robot. Strategi Menghasilkan Profit Konsisten di Forex Trading Menggunakan KGBS Trading System. Looking at taking a couple pips out of the currency markets. How i use the stop loss to bank as much profit as possible on each and every trade. Trend is a blog about global daily, weekly, monthly and yearly market trends in such financial markets as Forex, stocks and commodities as well as various day, swing and Forex trading strategies and ways to invest your money. In the blog I am going to share what happens in these markets on a daily basis. I hope you will enjoy my trend analysis.

Making money in financial markets is possible and more and more traders are becoming successful day by day. Success comes with a necessary set of tools that you have to be profitable. One of the keys to trading successfully is to trade with a reliable system and this post is about some of the best Forex trading strategies that can also be applied in other markets. It took me more than one year to find out that I must follow a tendency in order to make money trading currencies. If you study lives and ways famous traders and speculators of the past made money you will find out that trend trading was most often used way to have profit. Most of the time securities stay in their ranges. It is important to get out of your trades when signs of a reversal start appearing.

Two major problems appear for traders who use this kind of strategy. One is that they run away from the market too early with very little profit, because they are afraid to lose it. Want to try this excellent strategy? As has already been said most securities stay in tight ranges most time of the year. At this time prices tend to go to the top and bottom of the range a few times or even more till the extreme points are broken. What you want to do while trading this strategy is to trade a reversal at the top by selling a given security and buying a security around bottom.

Using this trading system one should remember that the longer the range continues the great odds are that a breakout is coming and one should be very careful when next time he sees price approaching key support or resistance levels as those can be taking in no time and one can experience severe losses. Breakouts of various levels happen on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Some even watch for hourly and minute basis to see a decent break and make fast money. One should find a period of time where a Forex pair is contained within small channel or a range and wait for it to be broken. There are too many false breakouts nowadays and if you really want to trade well the currency trading system you should have a number of filters to determine when to stay and when to get into the market. It is good when some fundamental news event makes the price go out of its’ range and the breakout is not only a technical one.

The difference between swing and range trading is very narrow. Some would even say that it can be the same. It is also following a move that is usually shorter than a trend. Some say it could be from a few days to a few weeks. Economic news releases tend to catch markets by surprise and we usually see huge volatility in the markets when NFP or interest rate decision is announced. You should not be shocked to see 200 or even 400 pip moves in one minute during these events.