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IFC Markets: CySEC RegulatedEXNESS: low spreads – just excellent! Forex news with as little risk as possible. It can be used only for influential Forex news releases such as US GDP, non-farm payrolls, or interest rate decisions. Important news events are quite rare.

A broker with low spreads and high quality trade execution is required. Choose an important news release that has a high impact on Forex pairs. USD, I recommend US GDP, US nonfarm payrolls, US interest rate decisions, Eurozone interest rate decisions, and US PCE reports. Open Buy and Sell positions one minute before the scheduled news release.

It will help you to protect the trade from slippage and widened spreads. Set stop-loss for both positions to 10-20 standard pips depending on the expected news volatility. It will provide the necessary risk-to-reward ratio. The news volatility will most probably trigger one trade’s stop-loss and the other’s take-profit.